Daily Haul: Inaugural Post

Welcome to Street Art Walk's new blog series The Daily Haul which is not only exciting and a long time coming, but also bears a bit of an explanatory introduction. For over a year now the photos have been piling up here at Walk Headquarters in their unruly database clogging way, and the bottleneck must end. The Daily Haul is part of a two-pronged attack which is gathering steam here behind the scenes. Our elves are busy getting the goods out to the people where frankly they should have been all along. Here is a quick idea of how this new program is working. All the new photos will be finding their way into the Daily Haul stream of blog entries, and all the archived photos from the last year will be sorted, picked, and pruned according to various criteria. This backlog will then be finding its way onto our pages slowly via weekly posts. There you have it, and much more can be said but that isn't what brings people to Street Art Walk (yet) so bring on the...Tuxedoed Stuffed Bear???

Shag (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)