We Have Arrived

Welcome to Street Art Walk, the website, it is a pleasure to have you here and I look forward to bringing you all the grit and grime, color and pop, texture and style that you can handle. The world of Street Art exploded in the past decade from seemingly out of nowhere, but to the informed viewer it has been bubbling under all the while, slowly gaining steam. A bit about my personal story may be in order as we begin this adventure together. I grew up in the Bronx NY and as a kid graffiti surrounded me along with hip-hop, breakdancing, and the urban fashion that exploded all over the globe changing the way people relate to art, music, dance. It is in this backdrop that I saw NYC exploding from the early 80’s when rap music was to many a passing fad, or a strange fringe anomaly. The graffiti scene developed in intricacy and scope from the early days of Kilroy was here into the Taki 183 days and beyond.

Please drop a little bit about your story and you relationship to street art in the comments, I look forward to hearing from everyone.